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03 March 2014 In News

SUP the mag cover
Check out the write up on Covewater Paddle Surf over at SUP: The Mag!  Thanks for the recogition - we promise to keep on doin' what we're doin'!  

07 February 2014 In News


Covewater was recently featured in the latest issue of Wine & Travel magazine. Read the story by clicking here!

05 May 2013 In News

sentinel  The Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper reports on Covewater as the portal for stand up paddling and suggests learning to SUP as a new year's resolution.  Read the story here.

06 May 2013 In News

ASJAdventure Sports Journal reports on stand up paddling's rapidly expanding popularity with Covewater Paddle Surf and Surftech.  Read the article here.

07 May 2013 In News

weekendsherpaPopular online California activities magazine, Weekend Sherpa, goes paddling with Covewater and declares us the place to paddle in Northern California.  Read more here.

08 May 2013 In News

Mens Fitness covers stand up paddling in Santa Cruz  Men's Fitness Magazine declares Santa Cruz and Covewater as one of the world's best location for stand up paddling.  While they mention Santa Cruz's "Steamer Lane" in the article, we would NOT recommend Steamer Lane for stand up paddling.  Cowell's Beach and anywhere on Monterey Bay, sure, Steamer Lane or other surf spots, no.  That said, they were still right in naming Santa Cruz a fantastic place to SUP!   Read the article HERE.

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