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Kialoa Pipes Women's Paddle

Kialoa Pipes Women's Paddle

The Kialoa Pipes is designed for women paddlers.  The women-specific features include an oval shaped shaft that fits easily into the grip of a smaller hand, a smaller blade size of 87 square inches, light weight at just 21 ounces, and three beautiful print designs on the paddle blade.

Print options:  Simple black carbon, Blue Plumeria Flowers, Green Plumeria Flowers, Pink Hibiscus Flowers (limited quantity available) 

Additional Info

  • Price: $339
  • Shaft: Carbon fiber
  • Blade: Carbon fiber
  • Blade Size: 87 sq in.
  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Grip/Handle: Carbon ergo T-grip
  • Ideal Uses: All purpose - surfing and recreation
  • Cost: $339

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