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Naish Javelin

Naish Javelin


The 12'6" blends a drop nose shape and rounded rails with a slim outline and a race rocker line for phenomenal acceleration and speed.  The 12'6" Javelin is available in two sizes and three construction options (see chart below).


The 14'0″ combines a low displacement bow shape with soft, rounded rails for limitless board glide. The sleek hull shape creates an extremely efficient water line. The recessed deck lowers rider's center of effort to increase stroke power.  The 14'0" Javelin is available in three sizes, each in a different construction (see below).

javelin 2

Additional Info

  • Length: 12'6" and 14'0"
  • Width: varies by model
  • Thickness: varies by model
  • Volume: varies by model
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Price: $2749 and up
  • Cost: $2749


Robbie Naish discusses the 14'0" Javelin MC

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