Covewater SUP Santa Cruz Stand Up Paddle

14'0" Bark Eliminator

14'0" Bark Eliminator

Shaper Joe Bark is the type of inspirational figure from which the sport of SUP was born; surfer, paddler, board builder, waterman and family man.  With his unrivaled paddleboard shaping experience, work ethic and attention to detail, Joe remains the undisputed leading designer of race SUPs.  More races are won on Bark boards than any other brand.

At nearly 30" wide, 8.2" thick with 333 liters of volume, this is the ulitimate racing/training/touring board for tall and/or heavy guys (190 lbs - 260 lbs) looking for more stability and floatation.  However, Joe's aggressive shape will allow you to power this board as quickly and effortlessly as the smaller guys on the 14'0 Bark Dominator.  The Pro Elite construction keeps the board light, despite the additional volume, so you are not pulling uneeded weight through the water.


Competitive SUP racers demand the lightest, highest-performance boards of all - that's why Surftech created the Pro-Elite series. Surftech's Pro-Elite series has more first-place finishes than any other SUP's on the market today. This ultra-light-weight construction utilizes high-strength-to-weight materials like biaxial/carbon and high density sheet foam over the lightest foam core available.

Additional Info

  • Length: 14'
  • Width: 29.88
  • Thickness: 8.2"
  • Volume: 333 liters
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Board Function: Race
  • Price: $2415
  • Cost: $2415

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