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14'0" Bark Dominator

14'0" Bark Dominator

The Dominator provides remarkable glide, especially noticeable was the sustained glide between the exit and catch paddling phases, due to the extremely slender displacement nose and efficient transition into nearly perfectly flat bottom rocker. Yet the Dominator exhibits the same high stability that made the 12'6 Bark Competitor the sport's most popular race board in the history of SUP. We suspect that the influence of the Dominator will continue to grow the numbers of people racing in the 14' class. Those who have raced in the 12'6 stock class have all experienced the frustrating feeling of watching the 14' class rather quickly pull away from the pack in the first mile or two of the race. Its only natural that more people are progressing to the fourteens - especially for longer races and point-to-point races.

The Dominator is constructed in Surftech's new Pro-Elite technology. Pro-Elite is composed of:
   - 1-pound, fused-cell EPS core (no stringer and no air pockets to absorb water)
   - Deck: Two layers of fiberglass, reinforced with high density sheet foam in heavy impact areas
   - Bottom: One layer fiberglass combined with a full layer of biaxial/carbon
   - Board is hand sanded, the graphic design is airbrushed on then the board is hand polished

As a result, the Pro-Elite Dominator is very light for a 14' racer at about 26 pounds (including fin and traction pad), however are more fragile as compared to Surftech's bulletproof Turflite construction. Both the 12'6" Competitor and the 14' Dominator will be available in Pro-Elite in 2013.

Covewater maintains constant inventory on this board. In addition, we can ship the board anywhere in the continental US. If you have any questions about this board or race boards in general, please call the shop at (831) 600-7230.

Additional Info

  • Length: 14'
  • Width: 27.5"
  • Thickness: 7"
  • Volume: 258 liters
  • Fin Setup: Single, 8"
  • Price: $2415
  • Cost: $2415


An overview of the 14' Bark Dominator

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