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12'6" Laird Slice

12'6" Laird Slice

 Laird Hamilton is one of the most accomplished watermen on the planet, equally adept at windsurfing, surfing huge waves, accomplishing incrediblie challenges on a SUP, or simply longboarding at home in Hawaii.  Often referred to as the Godfather of SUP, Laird is widely recognized as the guy that brought this ancient Hawaiian pastime into the modern age.  To design his race and touring SUPs, Laird teamed up with none other than Joe Bark, the legendary craftsman whose lightning fast shapes have dominated the race scene since the beginning.  The boards that Joe and Laird designed together are the culmination of a vast amount of knowledge and experiences.

The 12'6" Laird Slice combines width (stability) and thickness (floatation) with Surftech's super light "Pro Elite" construction.  The result is a board that is super fast, but will provide more stability for large paddlers for whom typical 12'6" race boards were just too narrow and tippy.  In addition, the speed oriented race shape, combined with the stability and ligth weight, also make this an ideal board for touring your local coast or body of water if you would like to enjoy more glide and speed while touring, and/or be able to cover more a lot more distance in your typical 2-hour paddle. The 12'6" Laird is also available in Surftech's "Tuflite" construction.

Additional Info

  • Length: 12'6"
  • Width: 30"
  • Thickness: 7.75"
  • Volume: 259 liters
  • Fin Setup: Single
  • Board Function: Flatwater, Race
  • Price: $2430
  • Cost: $2430


Overview of the 12'6" Laird Slice

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