Covewater SUP Santa Cruz Stand Up Paddle

12'6" Naish Glide

12'6" Naish Glide

The 12'6" has a penetrating V nose and a flat rocker for phenomenal gliding performance. Compared to longer race-oriented boards, the 12'6" is incredibly fast and easier to maneuver and carry. It has ample thickness and width for stability and early planing on the open ocean.

Ideal for riders up to 230 lb (104 kg)

Additional Info

  • Length: 12'6"
  • Width: 30"
  • Thickness: 5 5/8"
  • Volume: 265 liters
  • Fin Setup: Single, 11.5"
  • Board Function: Surfing Specific, Inflatable
  • Price: $1599
  • Cost: $1599


Robbie Naish gives you an overview of the 12'6" Naish Glide

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